Free potty training sticker charts that you can print out from your computer. Use them with stickers to motivate your toddler to use the potty.
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Sticker charts can help motivate toddlers to use the potty. These colorful sticker charts are free! Print them out from your computer.

Click here to print out the Pastel potty sticker chart |
Click here to print out the Bright potty sticker chart
The Original Pastel sticker chart. A good chart for beginners; a potty chair alternates with pastel squares. The New Bright sticker chart. A brighter, bolder version of the original chart.

Click here to print out the Pink Tile potty sticker chart |
Click here to print out the Blue Tile potty sticker chart
The Pink Tile sticker chart.
A pretty potty chart for a little lady's bathroom
The Blue Tile sticker chart.
A handsome blue chart for a little gentleman's bathroom

Click here to print out the Winding Path potty sticker chart |
Click here to print out the Gingham Patchwork potty sticker chart
The Winding Path sticker chart for advanced trainers who have the potty chart concept down pat. The Gingham Patchwork chart.
Watch your toddler keep track with springtime gingham

Click here to print out the Checker Board potty sticker chart |
Click here to print out the Soccer potty sticker chart
The Checker Board sticker chart. The potty alternates with 3-D discs that beg for stickers.  The Soccer Ball sticker chart.
For the toddler who is into sports.



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