Basic first-aid information and what you need for make your own first aid kit
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Basic First Aid Information

The Essential First-Aid Kit

Equip a large plastic container with a first-aid manual, a list of emergency phone numbers and the following items. Clearly label all medications.

Adhesive Tape

Flashlight & extra batteries
Blanket Laxative
Disposable Rubber Gloves Petroleum jelly
Ice bag or chemical ice pack Safety pins
Pocket Mask or face shield Scissors
Sterile Dressings Soap or cleansing agent
Triangular bandage Sunscreen
Antacid Thermometer
Anti-diarrhea medication Tongue depressors
Antiseptic tweezers
Antiseptic-moistened towelettes Syrup of ipecac and activated charcoal (to be used only as directed by your local Poison Control Center)
Aspirin or other pain reliever
Calamine lotion
Children's aspirin substitute

For insect bites and stings: Dab calamine lotion on the bite if it itches. For bee stings, scrape stinger away from skin with your fingernail or a stiff plastic card (like a credit card). Wash the wound with soap and water, cover it to keep it clean and apply a cold pack to reduce pain and swelling. If the child shows any symptoms of an allergic reaction - difficulty breathing or swallowing; wheezing; vomiting; pale, sweaty skin; severe pain or swelling at the site - see a doctor immediately.

For scrapes: Wash your hands and if possible, put on sterile latex gloves before treating. Wash the area under running water to remove dirt, then wash gently with soap and water and a clean cloth. Blot dry with sterile gauze or a clean cloth and cover with a non-adhesive dressing, securing with adhesive tape. If a scrape is in the eye, is very large or contains ground-in dirt or foreign objects, or if there are signs of infection, see your pediatrician

For bruises: Apply a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a towel to the affected area to easy pain and swelling; have the child raise a bruised arm or leg above heart level. After 24 -48 hours, apply a warm compress. Call your pediatrician if you suspect broken bones or internal bleeding.

◙ For sprains and strains: Apply a cold compress or an ice pack wrapped in a a towel to reduce swelling; see a doctor.

◙ For animal bites: To stem bleeding, wash the wound thoroughly with warm water and soap and apply a sterile dressing. Notify the child's doctor immediately. If a child is bitten by a wild animal, in addition to seeing your child's physician, inform you local animal-control center or police.

For burns: Flush the burn with cool running water for at least five minutes and cover loosely with a dry, sterile dressing. See your doctor immediately if there are any signs of infection; the burned area blisters or develops dark patches, white or charred skin; covers more than one body part; or involves eyes, face, hands, genitals or airway.

For bleeding: Start with clean hands and wear sterile latex gloves if possible. Press a thick, sterile gauze pad or any clean cloth on the wound, apply firm pressure until the bleeding is under control. Elevate the injured area higher then the heart unless there is evidence of a broken bone. Bandage firmly, but not tightly, to the the pad or cloth in place. If blood soaks through, add more pads or cloth to absorb it. If the bleeding is uncontrollable or the victim's condition is worsening, call your doctor or an ambulance.

For broken bones and dislocations: For broken bones and dislocations: Check for these signs to determine if either type of injury is serious: pain; significant deformity; bruising, swelling and discoloration; inability to use the affected part normally; fragments protruding from the wound; victim feels bones grating or heard a snap at the time of injury; the injured area is cold and numb. If you suspect a bone is broken or dislocated, immobilize it with something stiff, such as a board, metal strip or a rolled up newspaper or magazine. To prevent further injury, pad the splint so that it conforms to the shape of the injured part. Hold the splint in place with strips of cloth and seek medical attention immediately.

For head injuries: Call for help at once. In the meantime, minimize your child's head and spice movement and check to see if she/he is breathing; if not, administer CPR. Make sure the child stays conscious by talking to them to keep them from falling asleep. Also, control any external bleeding and keep them from getting chilled or overheated

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