Article: Car Seat Safety
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Car Seat Safety
By Michelle OíConnor, Infant Car Seats

 A car seat is perhaps the most important piece of baby equipment that you will ever buy. Since an unsecured child could easily be injured in the event of a car crash, youíll want to make sure that you purchase a car seat that has a stellar safety record.  But how do you know which safety seat represents the best investment?  And what are some things you should consider, once you attempt your first test drive with baby in tow?

 No One Seat is Best

 You need to remember that no single car seat is considered the best.  In other words, the best version is the one that is used properly, that accommodates your child comfortably, and that is installed correctly.  Surprisingly, price should not always be a consideration when purchasing a car seat.  A higher-priced model may not necessarily be easier to use.  When choosing a car seat, you should first test it out.  Place your child inside and see whether the harnesses and buckles are easy to work and fit comfortably.  Also, you should always follow the written directions that accompany the car seat.    You should also bear in mind that a car seat display in a store may not show the car seat being used correctly.  Therefore, you should rely on written instructions for guidance rather than department store displays.  Another great way to evaluate car seats is by reviewing child car seat safety ratings. 

Key Safety Rules

No matter which brand of car seat you ultimately choose, youíll want to keep some key safety rules in mind.  First of all, you should use the car seat every time your baby rides in your car.  In fact, this practice should begin with your babyís initial trip home from the hospital.  In addition, note that the safest place for children to ride is in the back seat.  You should never place a child in a rear-facing car seat in the front seat of a car that has an airbag.  Thereís too great of a danger that your child will get hurt if you should get into a car accident.   You should also consider setting a good example by always wearing your seatbelt.   This promotes the idea that everyone in the car, especially your children, should buckle up with every drive.   You also need to remember that every car seat is different, so be sure to read the directions that came with the seat, in case you have any questions along the way.  You should also read the ownerís manual of your car to determine how to correctly install the car seat in your particular vehicle.   Review car seat safety ratings before making your purchase.

Infant-Only Seats

 Infant-only car seats are known for being small and portable.  In fact, at times they may be part of a larger stroller system.  The seats also have a three- or five-point harness for safetyís sake.  In general, the seats can be used for babies up to 20 or 22 pounds, depending on which model you choose.  Also, a number of infant car seats come with a detachable base which you can leave in the car.  Since the seat clicks in and out of the base, you donít have to re-install it each time you use it.  Review infant car seat safety ratings before making your purchase decision.

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