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Are you in a hurry to potty train?  Or do you enjoy the diaper changing stages of your child’s life?  When making this decision one needs to consider their child’s development, are they physically ready? What about the parents’ demanding life style? 

Be Sure Your Child Is Ready

Don't begin potty training until your child shows signs that he/she is ready. Every child is different.  Some children develop earlier than others and some just need a little more time.  Remember needing more time does not mean they are slow; children develop at different times. Potty training can begin anywhere between 18 months to 3 years old.

Your Child’s Age Will Affect Their Bladder Control

If you’re the parent that wants your child to be trained between 18 months and 2 years old here is a few suggestions:  Try not to push them.  You don’t want them to find potty raining insufferable.  Try making it enjoyable maybe using a treasure box as reward.  Also keep in mind that children do not have bladder control until at least 13 months of age so consider that some bladders may develop later than others.  Another thing to consider is traveling with a toddler who is trained.  The earlier they are trained the harder it is for them to hold it.  You might not make it in time to pull over when in the car or even when shopping trying to get to the restroom in time can be the difference between wet pants and dry pants.  Children who are potty trained later usually have better control of their bladder.

Potty Training When They Are Older – Important Reminders

If you’re the parent that enjoys the diaper stages here are a few suggestions you might want to consider:  Do you have to go back to work before they are 3?  If so you need to check into day cares and see what their requirements are for children who are or are not potty trained.  Most preschools will charge more for children who are not potty trained to avoid this charge try having them trained by 2 ½ years of age. You might also want to consider the cost of diapers; if they are not trained until 3 ½ or 4 that is a couple of year’s worth of diapers which can be costly.  Bigger diaper bags will be a necessity.  (We recommend Bumble Diaper Bags, for quality and size).

Wait Until Your Child Is Ready – Avoid “Fear of the Toilet”

The theory is to not try to potty train until 2, 2 ½ this way the children are not terrified of the toilet, have a better concept and have better control of their bladders.  Again try to wait until your child is ready or start slowly not waiting too long, but not with insensitive force.  There is also another new wave out there called infant potty training.  I don’t really suggest this because children/babies don’t have control of their bladder until 13 months of age.  They also believe need time to be babies and parents need that time/stage with their children. Start at a time when you can spend a lot of time with your child, when your child seems complacent, happy and there are no major distractions or traumatic events in his/her life (new sibling, divorce, moving, new caretaker etc.).  Trying different potty positions until your child is comfortable and is convenient for the both of you this will make it more pleasurable. 


All this to say, keep in mind that you want to enjoy the youth of your child.  You want it to be a good memorable time.  Remember you know your child better than anyone else and you know what will work best for the both of you.  Click here for information on baby products.

Article Written By:  Rachel Weimer
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