Four informative potty training articles
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by Dr. Lewis A. Coffin III

There are probably as many opinions on potty training as there are parents, so any advice that I give must be taken as my personal opinion and not scientific fact, if there is such a thing regarding potty training. I am drawing on my wife's memory regarding what worked well in our family. She automatically assumed that potty training should be complete by age two...continued, click here

The Potty Train
by Linda Sharp

I was watching an old movie the other day, and yet another teary eyed woman was waving her hanky at someone terribly important in her life, who was leaving by train for parts unknown. How sad for her. How exciting for the one on the train, destined for new horizons, adventures, places. It dawned on me that if life were run by Amtrak, there would be....continued, click here

Special Duty:
Digging the Bathroom Scene

by Bruce Schneider

Poop With Pop My most intensely personal and grounded moments these days are in the bathroom, potty-training my son, Benjamin. Believe it or not, there is a whole subculture involved in potty-training, kind of a parent's underground. As an adult, it is a bit embarrassing to admit this, but much of my conversation of late is involved with this subject...continued, click here

Infant Potty Training
by Laurie Boucke
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Infant Potty Training
Web Ring
Philosophy- Babies are smarter than we think! The big mistake that people make is to presume that a newborn baby is unaware of going to the toilet. We assume an infant is incapable of toilet learning since infants are small and uncoordinated and also because they cannot walk or talk. An infant is helpless in so many ways that it is hard for Westerners to imagine...continued, click here


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