A crazy bubble blowing activity that kids love!
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A Blowing Bubble Activity that will Blow the Kids Away!
 by: Anne-Marie Killer

I bet you haven't given this blowing bubble activity any thought as a child party activity?

I'm not talking about little kids blowing little bubbles from those little containers - no, I'm talking about blowing HUGE bubbles. I bet you didn't even know that it was possible? Yes, your bigger kids and their friends can have a lot of fun with this blowing bubble activity and what's more, it's inexpensive too... especially if you know how to make the right bubble solution and tools.

I'll give you a few recipes to try out and also a couple of tool ideas. You can have lots of fun experimenting with the mixtures and creating your own original bubble making tools.

Bubble Tools

There are so many things around you that can be used to make bubbles. Wire hangers bent into different shapes, empty milk containers, string, plastic bowls, or even your bare hands held in the right position. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger or make an even bigger circle using both hands' thumbs and index fingers.

Bubble Solution

The really big bubbles need lots of solution which can get quite expensive. It's therefore a lot more economical to mix your own.

The best detergents to use are Joy and Dawn detergents but you need to experiment to see what works best for you.

You also need either glycerin or white Karo Syrup. This ensures colorful, sturdy bubbles. Glycerin can be bought from most drug stores, but it is expensive. Karo Syrup is available at the grocery store and is less expensive.

Amazingly enough, not any water is suitable! Hard water does not work whereas soft water does. Try using your tap water, but if you fail to get good bubbles, try using distilled water.

Solution 1:

1 Part Dawn Ultra/Joy Ultra : 15 parts distilled/soft water : 0.25 part glycerin/white Karo Syrup

Solution 2:

1 Part Regular Dawn /Regular Joy : 10 parts distilled/soft water : 0.25 part glycerin/white Karo Syrup

Solution 3:

2 Parts Regular Dawn /Regular Joy : 4 parts glycerin : 1 part white Karo Syrup

Most importantly - just have FUN!


About The Author

Anne-Marie Killer is a mother of two teenagers and a toddler. She is the webmaster and owner of www.Perfect-Party-Ideas.com.

Read her blog where she documents the process of setting up http://www.Perfect-Party-Ideas.com at http://www.perfect-party-ideas.blogspot.com


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