12 tips to make your child feel special!
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Paying special attention to a child helps boost his/her self-esteem and creates memories you'll both cherish forever. Here are some great tips to help your little ones feel special.

1.  Make a big deal out of little achievements. Those little things are important too - like getting a star in school, doing well in sports, getting chores done well.  Have little cards or inexpensive gifts around to present to your child for a job well done! Or take him/her out for an ice cream cone or something similar.

2.  If you have more than one child, it's essential you make time for each child individually.  An easy way to do this is have your family or friends watch the siblings once a week while one child is taken out for some "Special Time" with the parents. Rotate each child weekly.

3.  Share some funny stories of your childhood. Make sure you add some of your failures and how you overcame them.  Laugh about your some of your biggest goofs and let the child feel he/she is being let in on a special secret.

4.  Create a mini-museum. Don't just use the refrigerator to display your child's artwork or schoolwork.  Create a small area in one of the rooms just for special display.  Let the child decide what to display and change the exhibits often.

5.  Make lasting memories. Let your child create a special scrapbook of his own. Get them started by printing his name on the cover. On the first page, write a little note recalling a funny story about him or a moment when you felt especially proud to be his parent. Paste in a photograph of the two of you having fun together. Make sure you ask to see his scrapbook often and he'll proudly display his work.

6.  Have a surprise "Just Because" party.  Make a fancy cake and write Happy Just Because on it. Celebrate with games, party favors and other treats to eat. Invite a few of her friends or other family members to join in the festivities.

7.  Ask your child to make a list of everything he would like to do or see - like visit a museum, go to the zoo, see a movie, go to the mall, etc. As a family, try to tack one or two a month.

8.  Devote at least one day a month to your child.  Do all his favorite things - go to the park, eat what he likes, etc.  Let him choose!

9.  Take silly photos together in a photo booth whenever you can and display in a special photo album.

10. Sealed with a Kiss - Mail a homemade card to your child.  Make a collage of her favorite things on the front and inside write a message or poem to let her know how terrific she is.

11. Compliment your child in public and make sure he hears you. Whether it's for a job well done, an act of kindness or just a funny story -  hearing you talk about him lets him know how much you care.

12. Make a funny video together.  Tell jokes or funny stories, sing songs, recite poetry or just be silly. If you don't have video camera, record a cassette tape or take pictures to keep in your special album.


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