Special Article - What to Look for in Child Safety Locks
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What to Look for in Child Safety Locks

As parents, you need to keep your child as safe as possible.  If you’re of the type that has no idea how dangerous things can be in the house, you need to get down to a child’s level and learn how to spot the dangerous things before the baby can learn to crawl.  As you do this, you will see dangers that you never thought were possible.  This makes you wonder what you can do to keep the baby safe as much as possible.

Drawers Locks

There are drawers in every home.  Cabinets, too, are found in every home.  You should use cabinet and drawer locks whenever you want to keep the baby out of the space.  Keep toxic substances up high or in the garage in order to make sure baby doesn’t get into them.  Choose a lock that fits with the door or drawer you have in your home.  There is something for everyone. 

Press Down Safety Locks

The most common drawer lock is the “press down” type of lock.  It has a prong that is mounted on the drawer face that you push down to release it from the hitch in the drawer.  It can be adhesive mounted, which is less sturdy, or mounted by screwdrivers and screws (much more sturdy).

Toilet Locks

Toilet locks allow you to keep baby and toddlers out of the toilet whenever it is not in use.  It attaches to the toilet bowl and the cover and protects the baby from the dirty water in the bowl.  For those of you who have decided to get a toilet lock, look into the several different types available.  There are swing arm locks that attach to the bolts of the toilet seat and locks that affix themselves to the toilet seat completely.  The lock clamps the toilet seat to the bowl and the cover to the bowl as well. 

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Child Safety Locks

Choose a lock that has a difficulty level that is up to par according to your baby’s “talents”.  If your baby is especially curious, get a sturdier child safety lock and make it more difficult for the baby to get to them and unlock them.  Does the lock take the dexterity or strength to unlock that is beyond the baby’s abilities?

The lock should be easy for an adult to use on their own.  If you can’t unlock the lock with one hand, it may not be the lock for you.  If it is too easy to open, this means it might be too easy for the child to open it as well.  Think about what your child can and cannot do and how creative they can be when it comes to the opening of locks. If a lock is inconvenient or too easy, it is not likely the lock for you to buy.  In addition, if a lock is too expensive, it may not be worth it unless it is a particularly good lock. 

In Conclusion

Believe it or not, child safety locks are not supposed to be able to save a child’s life.  Determined children will get through any type of lock, no matter how expensive it is.  Nothing takes the place of carefully watching your child around drawers and cabinets.


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