Balloon games to make your child's party a hit!
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Fun Kids' Party Balloon Games
 by: Anne-Marie Killer

Here are some kid party balloon game ideas your kid and his/her guests will love!

Have lots of prizes for the winners. These games are best played outdoors!

"Easy Teams" The kids have to line themselves up from shortest to tallest - BUT they are not aloud to talk! They may use gestures etc. but no talking. Once lined up, let alternate kids step forward. This is one team - the kids remaining in line is the other team.

"Nose the Balloon" Let the kids make teams of two. Each team gets a large balloon they must blow up. Between them, they must keep the balloon in the air bumping it only with their noses. Each time it falls on the ground they loose a point - each team starting with say 100 points. The team who takes the longest to loose all its points is the winner

"Pass the Balloon" Each team gets a sausage balloon they must blow up. Line the teams up, giving the kid in front each a balloon. They must squeeze the balloon between their knees, balloon pointing forward. On the word go, the kids must pass the balloon to the next kid in the line, without using hands and without dropping or popping it! A dropped balloon must be picked up using knees only. A popped balloon is replaced with a new one, but the team must start again. Have prizes for the winning team.

"Stomp the Balloon" Each kid gets a balloon and a piece of string about a yard long. They must blow up the balloon and tie the string to the balloon and to his ankle. There should be enough string between the foot and the balloon. The kids must now try to stomp and pop each other's balloons. The winner is the last one with an un popped balloon.

"Balloon Relay" Each team gets 10 balloons. The first one to go in each team must blow the balloon up, then run to a marked line and then pop the balloon by sitting on it or stomping it. Once the balloon has popped they must run back and tag the next team member who repeats the process. The winner is the team who has popped all its balloons first.

"Toss the Water Balloon" Kids stand face to face in pairs holding one water balloon per pair. They toss it to each other. After each successful toss they take one step back. The pair whose tossing distance is the greatest, without dropping the balloon, is the winner

"Have a Popping Balloon" Kids in pairs stand in a line, back to back. Each pair has a balloon held between their backs. On "go" they should try and pop the balloon using only their backs. First pair whose balloon pops is the winner. Play until all balloons are popped.

"Balloon Number Game" Kids stand in a circle all numbered from one onwards. The kid with the highest number goes in the center. He holds a balloon, shouts a number and throws the balloon up in the air. The kid whose number was called must catch the balloon before it touches the ground. He or she then repeats the process. Whoever fails to catch the balloon is out. Have a parent throw the balloon when only 2 kids are left.

"Water Balloon Relay" Divide kids into two teams. Provide each team with a number of water balloons. (At least one balloon per team member) The first one to go in each team must place a water balloon between its knees and hobble to the finish line, dropping the balloon in a bucket without using hands. He/she then runs back to the team, tags the next kid and the process is repeated. If the balloon is dropped the kid must grab it by hand, run back to the start and start all over. The winning team is the one who manages to get the most balloons in their bucket.

About The Author

Anne-Marie Killer is a mother of two teenagers and a toddler. She is the webmaster and owner of

Read her blog where she documents the process of setting up at


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