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Halloween Central - Fun & Easy Tips & Ideas


Halloween Games AtoZ 

Are you planning a Halloween Party? Halloween Games AtoZ can help you with all the details.  They offer lots of Halloween games you can print from your computer including Halloween Bingo, Pin the Tail on the Cat, Midnight Mystery and more! Plus they'll give you plenty of spooky ideas to make your Halloween Party a super hit!



Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Halloween can be a frightening time for family dogs. Each Halloween, veterinarians nationwide see pet injuries that could have been avoided. Here are some ways we can protect pets:

  1. Walk your dog before trick-or-treaters start their visits. Keep a firm grip on the leash; many dogs are frightened by people in costumes.

  2. Find a secure place in your home to keep your dogs, especially if you're giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. Many dogs get loose when the door opens, and the presence of little (and big) costumed people often scares animals, increasing the chance dogs will run away or get hit by cars.

  3. Make sure your dog is wearing an up-to-date I.D. tag.

  4. Place a dog gate in front of your front door to block access in case someone accidentally lets your pet out of the place where he's confined. Many dogs will run after trick-or-treaters.

  5. If your dog has any aggressive tendencies, fear of loud noises, or a habit of excessive barking, place him in a quiet room as far away from your front door as possible at least a half-hour before trick-or-treaters arrive.

  6. Consider crating your pet, which can make him feel more secure and reduce chances of accidental escapes. Provide chew toys, a favorite blanket, a piece of clothing with your scent on it, or whatever comforts the animal. Play soft music or a recording of soothing sounds.

  7. If you want to have your dog near the door to greet visitors, keep him on leash. Pets can become very stressed by holiday activities and unwelcome interruptions in routine. A nervous dog might feel threatened and growl, lunge or bite.

  8. Keep dogs indoors. It's a bad idea to leave dogs out in the yard; in addition to the parade of holiday celebrants frightening and agitating them, there have been reports of taunting, poisonings and pet thefts. Plus they're likely to bark and howl at the constant flow of treat or treaters.

  9. As for cats, as the ASPCA and other organizations advise, keep cats indoors at all times.

  10. Do not leave dogs in cars.

  11. Keep dogs out of the candy bowl. Dispose of candy wrappers before your pets get to them, since the wrappers can cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Make sure the dogs can't get into the trash. Note: Chocolate contains theobromine, which can cause nerve damage and even death in dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more concentrated it is -- and the smaller the lethal dose.

  12. Explain to everyone in your home (including kids) how dangerous treats are to pets. Take young childrenUs candy supply and put it somewhere out of reach of pets. Caution children about leaving candy wrappers on the floor.

  13. Make sure pets can't reach candles, jack-o-lanterns, decorations or ornaments.

  14. Halloween costumes can annoy animals and pose safety and health think twice before dressing up the dog. Make sure the dog can breathe, see and hear, and that the costume is flame retardant. Remove any small or dangling accessories that could be chewed and swallowed. Avoid rubber bands, which can cut off the animal's circulation or, if accidentally left on, can burrow and cut into the animal's skin.

  15. If the animal is very high-strung, consult your vet about tranquilizing for the night.

  16. When walking dogs during or after Halloween, watch carefully for what they might pick up and choke on. Bits of candy and wrappers abound on sidewalks and streets after holidays.

  17. * If you notice these symptoms of chocolate poisoning, go to your vet or an emergency vet right away because your pet's life may be in danger:

  • Excessive drooling

  • Excessive urination

  • Pupil dilation

  • Rapid heartbeat

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Hyperactivity

  • Muscle tremors and seizures

  • Coma

*Click here if your dog has eaten some chocolate

*First Aid Kit and Guidance:  Keep a pet First Aid Kit in your home and car. Take the one you keep in your car with you on trips with your pet. This webpage lists items to include:

CPR and Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation: Print these life-saving brochures to have on hand!

When traveling, you can find a nearby veterinarian using AAHA's Animal Hospital Locator:




Delight the kids with this sweet Halloween Craft

  • A clean, glass bowl, one for each kid

  • A bunch of candy and gum wrappers

  • Clear water-resistant sealer, such as Thompson's Water Seal

  • water

  • sponge

  • glue

Spread a very thin layer of white craft glue on the outside of a clean, glass bowl. Cover with candy and gum wrappers face down so they can be seen through the inside of the bowl. Let Dry. Glue on a second layer of wrappers with the good side facing out. Let dry. Coat the outside with a clear, water-resistant sealer. To clean bowl, wipe lightly with a damp sponge. Do not Soak.

Fill the bowl with some Halloween treats and enjoy!




Halloween on a Budget

Here are a few tips to help budget-strapped families make their little gremlins happy.

Face Paint - 1 teaspoon corn starch, 1/2 teaspoon water, 1/2 teaspoon cold cream, food coloring. Mix all ingredients in an old muffin pan and you are ready to paint. Use the same amount of ingredients for each color.
Deviled Eyeballs - Make deviled eggs, then add a green olive with pimento in the center for an eyeball.
Radioactive Juice - Mix equal parts Mountain Dew and blue Kool-Aid.
Toxic Juice - Add some green food coloring to lemonade for a spooky color.
Bloody Eyeballs - Boil cherry tomatoes for 30 seconds. Allow to cool; then peel the skin.
Fake Blood - Mix 2/3cup white corn syrup, 1 tsp red food coloring, 2-3 drops blue food coloring to darken and 1 squirt of dish soap (this help blood to run well)
Brains - Scramble eggs with some green, yellow and blue food coloring.
Infected Eyeballs - Drop some green grapes into a bowl of tapioca pudding.

Jar Jack-O-Lanterns

Here's a fun, easy way to make some outdoor decorations:

  1. Wash old food jars; let dry.

  2. Cut orange tissue paper into strips to form pumpkin wedges. Glue onto jars; let dry.

  3. Varnish; let dry.

  4. Glue green tissue paper around rim for stems

  5. Cut triangles for eyes and a crooked smile out of black tissue paper. Glue on features, let dry.

  6. Varnish again

  7. Twist floral wires tightly around the mouth of each jar, twisting ends around a pencil to form curled vines. Attach another wire to form handle.

  8. Put a candle inside and have fun!


Easy Halloween Decorating

Turn dimmers on low and replace regular light bulbs with black lights or bulbs that flicker.
Create cobwebs with fiber stuffing (available at crafts and fabric stores). Simply pull it apart, then tape it to doorframes and drape it over furniture. 
Scatter plastic spiders, bats and bugs around the room. Use long lengths of thread to dangle some from the doorways.
Make fog by putting a few large chunks of dry ice (see "Ice" or "Dry Ice" in the Yellow Pages) in a large metal washtub. Add warm water to create the fog and use a fan (set on low and place away from the water) to send it creeping around the room.
  Creepy Halloween Tree - Make a Halloween tree with black pipe cleaners. Insert several pip cleaner into a florist's block for the base. Then wrap more pipe cleaners around the upright cleaners to create a bent and gnarled trunk. Make branches by attaching and twisting pipe cleaners into different shapes. Wrap small bundles of candy in orange fabric or napkins and tie with orange ribbons to hang from the branches.
Fall Centerpiece - Cover the center of you r table with leaves and place a decorated pumpkin in the center. Or make a family of three different sized pumpkins, each decorated according with black markers. Add curly ribbon hart to top of one and glue bushy yarn eyebrows to another or use sequins, bead, buttons and other odds and ends for your creations.
Group tiny pumpkins together as candleholders. Cut a hole in the top of each, large enough to insert a candle. Line them up on the windowsill. No pumpkin carving is needed.
Weave orange and black ribbons through a loose-reed basket and fill with candy corn. Tie the handle with a large crepe paper bow and set  it in a visible place.
For an elegant centerpiece, begin with a large Styrofoam ball. Cut strips of different shades of orange ribbon long enough to wrap from the top to the bottom of the ball. Attach one end with a pin into the top of the Styrofoam and bring other other end to the opposite side. Attach with another pin. Continue to wrap the ball in this way with alternating shades of color. Cut felt leaves and a stem and attach to the top of the pumpkin with pins. Or use a ribbon that can be curled by firmly drawing it over a scissor to make a clump of green for the top. Curl ribbon over a pencil and attach for the trailing vines. If you can't find a large enough Styrofoam ball, make several small pumpkins.


  Use colorful autumn leaves, vine leaves work especially well. to line trays for appetizers and cheeses.
  Accent floral arrangements with touches of the season, such as dried leaves and berries. Be sure to keep flowers and centerpieces low enough so that guests can easily see each other.
  Hollow out pumpkins and gourds to hold flowers, dips and salads.
  For a buffet, roll flatware in large cloth napkins, tie with a decorative cord, and stack in a big basket for easy grabbing.
  Don't use scented candles, they'll detract from the flavor of the food.
  Be sure to ask invited guests about any dietary restrictions.
  Don't ask people to BYOB, unless you still live with college roommates.
  Expect the unexpected; have extra food and place setting ready, in case someone brings a surprise guest.


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